Drives and Patios

Drive and Patio Cleaning

Over time dirt and algae build on drives and patios making the original finish dull and slippery when wet. We have professional pressure washing equipment that returns the finish to near new, see our pressure washing page with videos of the equipment in action.

Drive and Patio Repairs

Drives and patios if not installed correctly can result in poor drainage, hollows and unevenness. We provide a repair service to rectify these faults and improve these areas preventing water pooling and weeds taking root.

Drive and Patio Installation

We install drives and patios ensuring the correct methods are used to promote good drainage, weeds are suppressed and the substructure is fit for the type of traffic intended. Although laying a drive or patio does not require planning permission there are important criteria that need to be met on the governments planning portal. We will ensure any new installation meets the criteria taking away the worry and hassle.


Our assurance is that we will provide excellent customer service and carry out all work to the highest standard and quality. Our quality assurance guaratee means we are committed to providing quality workmanship by qualified engineers.

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