Plumbing Services

Plumbing System Repairs

Our qualified plumber has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose, repair and advise on all types of plumbing systems. Our impartial advice and approach means we can offer a service that will best suit your requirements rather than installing a system that makes life easier for the fitter.

Bathroom Fitting and Repairs

We install all types of bathroom sanitary ware. Correct installation is important to ensure that maintenance is minimised, algae does not grow in silicone and leaks around baths and showers are avoided. All too often we see poorly installed bathrooms which results in a rapid decline in the bathroom finish and water ingression into the structure of the building.

We offer our customers advice on the range of bathroom and sanitary fittings that are available and the assurance that we install to the highest of standards. We will even project manage a complete bathroom installation including flooring and tiling.

Specialist Plumbing

Plumber was derived from Latin meaning working with lead and although lead pipework is a thing of the past lead flashings and hoppers is becoming more specialised. We offer the manufacturing and installation of bespoke traditional lead flashing, aprons and hoppers.

Our plumber can produce bespoke lead work either by lead burning or bossing. Each method has its advantages and we are more than happy to advise.


Our assurance is that we will provide excellent customer service and carry out all work to the highest standard and quality. Our quality assurance guaratee means we are committed to providing quality workmanship by qualified engineers.

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