Water Leaks

If you have a water leak in your property it is important not to panic and follow the following steps:

Draw sufficient water for drinks for the next 12hrs.

Find your stop tap either in your property, normally under the kitchen sink, or in the road. Turn off your water supply so that your plumbing and heating systems are not being replenished.

Open your hot and cold water taps and allow to run until they stop to drain any water in your plumbing systems.

Call a reliable plumbing and heating service such as Daniel Property Maintenance Service who can identify the leak and resolve the problem before reinstating the water supply.

Property Maintenance

A well maintained property prevents unwanted emergencies and maintains a safer environment for the occupants. For example keeping gutters clear will prevent algae build up from water spillage and ingression of damp.

Regular boiler servicing and heating system maintenance will ensure longevity of the components and maximise fuel efficiency. The same applies to AGA range products when maintained with door seals replaced when required will ensure the best cooking results and efficiencies.